Flashback: It was January 20th, 2006 that I began a very confusing journey into the world of second life. I just read a blog post where a long time resident, Yordie Sands was saying goodbye to the grid forever. Or at least for that particular persona. I completely understand her reasons, I’ve been there a million times. But reading her post gave me the strongest desire ever to finally make this blog.

I’ve been around the ringer so many times that I’ve come back around full circle. I’m now a NOOB (and I mean that very lovingly) again. Second life has become magical, yes magical.

Old Noob style fun

Old, but very new Noob style fun

But that’s boring. Let’s start at the beginning.

I want to take you through the history of my second life. I’ve often heard my second life could be a very good book and at one point in my second life, my profile was actually read like a juicy tabloid magazine by many residents.

I know that there are so many new residents everyday, and they will never know about some of the best places that have existed in second life in the past. I want everyone to know my journeys and favorite places.

I will start this first post off right with a picture of my very first avatar. And while she may not look like much by today’s sl standards, trust me she (I) was one hot chick.

My very first sl pic.

My very first sl pic.

Meet Callista Thatcher. My very first avatar. Btw, the shirt I’m wearing, I believe I made it. Yup… very early signs of entrepreneurial-hood.

She was shy, cute, naive, oh so lovable, friendly, new, fun, adventurous, and had no sense of fashion.

The point of writing that is I now realize how different Callista was from my new avatar (equally as old) Kimi Ayakashi. Very interesting that me controlling avatars with different names, would appear to be different. Or maybe it’s more about the experiences of Callista helped to shape Kimi.

Hm, what experiences you may be wondering, well, I will surely tell you.



FlashForward: Nea – Hybrid Mesh Avatar

Nea bed

Oh how we have adapted to the realities of second life, with our walking into walls, or not noticing how funny it actually looks to be constantly in motion using our animation overrides. Most surprisingly, we have even forgotten the mechanics of a real face.

Meet Nea, the Hybrid Avatar from Snow Rabbit. With a mesh head she is beautifully animated. She smiles, blinks, and even cries. You can change her skin color, make up and even her eye color by HUD.

Nea Skin fair

Since Nea is half mesh and has a regular SL body, she can wear any clothes, even mesh clothing. Shirousagi Noel worked on Nea for over a year. See the culmination of Shirousagi’s work at Skin Fair 2013 starting March 15.

Read the manual here in Japanese and English.


Hair: Dela – Shell – Black

Skin: Snow Rabbit – Hybrid Avatar – Milky White – Nea

Mesh Head: Snow Rabbit – Hybrid Avatar – Nea

Eyes: .Insufferable Dastard. – Ultimate eyes – Hazel Deep

Leggings: FRI. – Basic leggings – black

Shoes:  .:SS:. Banded Ankle Boots

Ring: Bens Beauty – Athena Solitaire ring

Bow: .::Y&R::. – Big Bow Hairband

Bed:  LAQ Decor – Bed Set



Maybe it’s the nerd I am or my science fiction leanings but I have fallen in love… with a place. It’s the first time it’s happened since Inspire Space park June 25, 2009 at 9:47pm-ish. It’s called Magic.


The sim is a beautiful alternate reality. The sky doesn’t seem to have that busy body ozone that earth in our reality has, it’s raw, exposed, leaving you to see the entire cosmos with a naked eye. The entire galaxy + a romantic beach equals heaven inside my heart. Maybe it’s just me (probably is), but being on a beach on an alien planet (all while not dying) is frikken hot! I took the guy I’m seeing there once and I think the place was a flop, or maybe it was a flop because we couldn’t align my hugging hud. Either way, that’s sad because I think about that place a lot.

magic 2

The world of Magic has it’s own flora and eco system.

creature 1

This is just one of the little lifeforms I discovered while exploring.


HINT: There is a secret space underneath the big beautiful color changing flower. I could make a list of all the romantic things I could do in that secret space. But I won’t.

I also won’t tell you anymore about it, hopefully my pictures have peaked your interest. Set your sun’s position to Midnight and go there now. Ride to Three Moons Village

Thanks G.I.T.S guy for taking me there. *wink*

(If you know what G.I.T.S is you are so awesome in my eyes, instantly.)

Updates to Blogging Second Life for the Week Ending March 3rd

Updates to Blogging Second Life for the Week Ending March 3rd.

Thanks Cajsa Lilliehook for making my blog your choice for this week.

Cajsa’s Choice: I think The Blog and Times of Kimi by Kimi Ayakashi is a unique offering. She describes rediscovering the joy of SL by starting over as a noob, she shares machinima and discusses the trap of trying to be hot in SL. Her blog is a personal journal full of thoughtful self-examination not weighted down with self pity or self-deception.


How exciting! Check out http://bloggingsecondlife.wordpress.com for all your second life blogging needs. I’m so excited to be apart of the second life blogging blog. I’ll be a real blogger any post now.

Pretending in a virtual world

shoot 1 final

Pretending is such hard work. I get the feeling that even though second life is a virtual land where you can do anything you want to do, there is a lot of pretending is going on. I don’t mean fantasy or role-play,  I mean doing things that actually don’t feel good to you, because it’s not you, not even a pretend you. It’s more like, you’re in a virtual world, and you can do, be, have anything you want, yet you spend your time upholding someone else’s idea’s or thoughts on what’s hot and what’s not. When shopping, I find myself in a trance of spending and buying things I don’t even like, but I know someone else likes it, so it’s what I should buy. I do think that if I dressed the way I actually wanted to in SL, people would think I was boring. I wouldn’t be considered “hot”. I’ve always held that title, even when I was a noob. My second life girlfriends always said my av was so pretty and I’ve heard so many times that I have the hottest av some guys have ever seen.

Well that’s easy. I’m good at making blasian shapes (black & Asian). Combine that with a desire to only use quality items and move towards every new item I want relentlessly until I have it. Toss in a dash of knowing what others think is hot and bam. I have a timelessly hot avatar. The funny thing is I don’t know anything about fashion. In fact that’s one of the reasons I use others’ opinions as a gauge  because I don’t know what looks amazing with what. In fact, half the time I see the outfits put together on most of the blogs I read, I don’t see what’s great about it. I’m happy that SL is an amazing outlet for creativity to ones boundless imagination. But I just don’t get it. Fashion isn’t one of my area’s of excellence.

Being called hot and pretty for so long has apparently gone to my head, but not in the way you imagine. Somehow along the way an invisible threat of losing that imaginary title appeared on the horizon of my conscious mind. So mindless fun shopping became buying things I don’t like or understand simply to stay current, now and what’s it. When I become conscious enough, I realize I’ve just spent a lot of Lindens on things I’ll never wear. Now it happens every time I go shopping. There is now this unfounded pressure when deciding on a new outfit. The thing is, I know so many women around me are feeling the exact same thing.

I have become a snob over the years in preferring items of high quality, whatever that means. When I see someone wearing outdated items (last month) I immediately put them into a box. If it’s a man, unless he’s persistent, he goes in the “no way” box. I don’t know when I became this person. Its all totally pointless and irrelevant. Being visual is one thing, but this moves into judgement which means I’m judging myself for something… maybe my lack of “style” (interesting point of view). The funny thing is everyone is different, so when go with what everyone else thinks, that simply means those who create fashion trends in SL and those who blog about them. That is a very small percentage of the SL community.

Things come in and out of style so fast in SL, it feels impossible to keep up without a very large, well managed inventory or steep pockets. I do have a large inventory, but it isn’t well managed. And of course, I don’t have steep pockets as we learned from my last post.

I’m pretending that I’m stylish, I’m now, I’m fashion, I’m too good “looking” to date some of you, and I can afford to keep looking this good.

log 1 final

I’m pretending that I’m secure and what you think doesn’t matter. I’m pretending I’m totally fine posting this. I’m pretending that I know the guy I’m seeing will be fine with the “real” virtual me.

Insecurity is most likely at the surface of this trend. What is there to be insecure about when “nobody knows your name” and who cares. Pretending is really tiring.

Question of the day: Why is it okay for guys in SL to wear the same outfit for months at a time? Yet girls go out of their way to have a new fresh look everyday, especially when their seeing a guy?


And to save time later I’ll list what I’m wearing:

Hair: EMO-tions – Memory – black

Dress: Maitreya – Mesh Nolita Dress – Red

Handbag: Tuty’s – Mesh Pet Carrier – Chiwawa

Umbrella: What’s next – Rainy Day’s – Pose 1 Umbrella

Glasses: Je suis – charmante – pinks

Ring: Ben’s Beauty – Athena Solitaire Ring

Nails: MStyle Long Nails v2 – Night in Moscow

Flashback: Relay For Life, Second Life 2007-2013

One of my greatest passions is being of service or helping anyone in almost anyway. Relay for life has been like a precious dear child to me. It’s so surprising how many residents don’t even know that relay for life happens in second life every year. I found out about it in 2007. I’ve been in love with the event ever since. Plus, where else could I girl wear her pajamas and roller skates and still look stylish?

kimi relay 2007 with counter

kimi relay 2008 with counter

kimi and dutch

There is just something so fun about spending the whole weekend with your closest friends racing to see who has more miles on their counter. I’ve made some of the most incredible memories I’ve ever had in second life during relay for life. It’s like a frenzied weekend you wish would last forever. I’ve only ever invited those closest to me to partake in the race “with” me. And I love how each year my lap distance decreased. Clearly proof that real life changed over the years.

Here is a copy of the 2007 Relay for life course Map

rlfl map

The concept of so many people donating sims and having them all pushed together like kids in bunk bed at summer camp just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Relay for life is about coming together with a group of people you don’t know to effect change in the lives of people you may never know. In second life it’s also about growing together with people you do know, somehow your bond is strengthened during the frenzied weekend of skating. Between meeting other friendly skaters and exploring the different exhibits, it’s so much fun experiencing it all together. I love it when it’s time to use the follow option and be pulled around for hours at a time. It’s like free time on the meter. And when it’s my turn to pull, I don’t even mind, because I’m so glad to have the company I’m with.

Honestly, I’ve spent most of my time not enjoying the exhibits or spending time with my friends, but actually painstakingly filming each and every one of the 30+ sims that exist with each event.

Random 2007 Relay Conversation in time

[16:21] Him: hey lady
[16:22] Him: I couldnt get on when you were on
[16:22] Kimi Ayakashi: hello back
[16:23] Him: what are you doing?
[16:23] Kimi Ayakashi: taking final shots, the sims are being taking down as we speak
[16:23] Him: nooooooo
[16:23] Him: the space place is?
[16:23] Kimi Ayakashi: gone already
[16:24] Kimi Ayakashi: but that was the mini version
[16:24] Kimi Ayakashi: the real version still exists
[16:24] Him: ok
[16:25] Him: hug me
[16:27] Him: ahhhhh
[16:27] Him: I get to feel Kimi again
[16:27] Kimi Ayakashi: eh
[16:27] Him: I was getting touch withdrawal
[16:27] Kimi Ayakashi: well
[16:27] Kimi Ayakashi: I didn’t miss u FYI
[16:27] Him: uh huh
[16:28] Him: and you didn’t get mad either, did you?
[16:28] Kimi Ayakashi: no I did yesterday
[16:28] Him: you really did
[16:28] Him: lol
[16:28] Kimi Ayakashi: u gave me a smile
[16:28] Kimi Ayakashi: keep it
[16:28] Him: I got on later and you weren’t on
[16:28] Him: what should I give you?
[16:29] Kimi Ayakashi: whatever u feel like
[16:29] Him: not a froen
[16:29] Him: frown
[16:29] Him: maybe a kiss
[16:29] Kimi Ayakashi: or maybe….
[16:29] Him: I feel like touching you
[16:29] Him: but that is normal
[16:30] Him: lol
[16:30] Kimi Ayakashi: “I miss you too, sorry I couldn’t get on” or “awwwww how cute!”
[16:30] Kimi Ayakashi: SOMETHING FOR FuCKS SAKE
[16:30] Him: but I know you trust me. 🙂
[16:30] Kimi Ayakashi: but I don’t care
[16:30] Kimi Ayakashi: do what u like
[16:30] Him: you are really mad!
[16:30] Him: aren’t you?
[16:31] Him: for some reason I cant get mad at you anymore
[16:31] Him: I like all you do
[16:31] Kimi Ayakashi: LOl
[16:31] Kimi Ayakashi: YES
[16:32] Him: you want to punish me?
[16:32] Kimi Ayakashi: I said something
[16:32] Him: or just kick me in the nads?
[16:32] Kimi Ayakashi: I didn’t want to say
[16:32] Kimi Ayakashi: something.. mushy
[16:32] Kimi Ayakashi: and ..
[16:32] Kimi Ayakashi: pfft
[16:32] Kimi Ayakashi: screw u
[16:32] Kimi Ayakashi: lol
[16:32] Him: 🙂
[16:32] Him: well, you shouldn’t have fallen in love with me. 😉
[16:33] Him: if you hate me so.
[16:33] Him: lol

That story will eventually come around during the flashback series of my blog posts. What’s important here is that I spent 3 Relay’s filming and putting it all together when I have no interest whatsoever in the technical aspects of machinima. That however is overridden my desire to save the work of all the people who come together each year for such a wonderful event.

For one reason or another, only one of my videos currently exists and it’s the 2008 version.

While I’ve never had the best graphics card to take on such projects, my heart pushed through the choppy filming and edited anyway. I hope you enjoy it.

As the years went on, real life made it difficult for me to even remember the event as I spent so much time away from second life. But this year I’m very excited to partake in the Relay for life 2013 and I have someone I can’t wait to ask to come. Wish me luck!

To register for this years event head to the website here. March 9th – 17th.

Flashback: My very own place

One of the first things I did when I left the island was to get a new look. I thought black wings, black halo, black thigh high socks and a black dress were the way forward for me. The other noobs actually loved it. I had an air of… danger… or was it… mystery.

my own place

After I chose my perfect outfit my amazing mentor invited me over to his house. I was so taken with the idea of having a house and being invited into a man’s house. While this was a virtual world, my mind was so confused. He was so kind and we sat talking about second life and his experiences in this virtual world. My nervousness however, never went away the entire time we sat in his home talking.

mentors house

Fascinated with the idea of having a home in a virtual world, I asked my mentor, how I could have my own place. He did a little bit of searching for me and showed me 1 property and I immediately fell in love with it. I was so frikken sold when I saw the beach. A beach at my fingertips, lol. Yes please.

own land

Ibiza was the sims name. Love, romance, and war seemed destined to happen on a sim with such a romantic name. This might sound strange now, but, when I bought my land, I could walk endlessly into the sea unobstructed. There was no invisible wall stopping me from going forward a few feet from the shoreline. Although I do remember when that update happened.

Ibiza was a truly beautiful residential sim divided into 4-ish parts. There were sims across from Ibiza that were beautiful. How I would love to have that land again. But every time I visit, it’s a mall. I guess I would have to buy the entire sim to have it. Someone buy Ibiza, turn back into a beautiful tropical residential sim and give me my plot back. =)

Take a ride to my first home here. I wonder what it has become since I’ve written this.

The purchase of the land at Ibiza was my initiation and a hitting of the start button to living as a proper second life resident.

Enter adventure.