Flashback: It was January 20th, 2006 that I began a very confusing journey into the world of second life. I just read a blog post where a long time resident, Yordie Sands was saying goodbye to the grid forever. Or at least for that particular persona. I completely understand her reasons, I’ve been there a million times. But reading her post gave me the strongest desire ever to finally make this blog.

I’ve been around the ringer so many times that I’ve come back around full circle. I’m now a NOOB (and I mean that very lovingly) again. Second life has become magical, yes magical.

Old Noob style fun

Old, but very new Noob style fun

But that’s boring. Let’s start at the beginning.

I want to take you through the history of my second life. I’ve often heard my second life could be a very good book and at one point in my second life, my profile was actually read like a juicy tabloid magazine by many residents.

I know that there are so many new residents everyday, and they will never know about some of the best places that have existed in second life in the past. I want everyone to know my journeys and favorite places.

I will start this first post off right with a picture of my very first avatar. And while she may not look like much by today’s sl standards, trust me she (I) was one hot chick.

My very first sl pic.

My very first sl pic.

Meet Callista Thatcher. My very first avatar. Btw, the shirt I’m wearing, I believe I made it. Yup… very early signs of entrepreneurial-hood.

She was shy, cute, naive, oh so lovable, friendly, new, fun, adventurous, and had no sense of fashion.

The point of writing that is I now realize how different Callista was from my new avatar (equally as old) Kimi Ayakashi. Very interesting that me controlling avatars with different names, would appear to be different. Or maybe it’s more about the experiences of Callista helped to shape Kimi.

Hm, what experiences you may be wondering, well, I will surely tell you.



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