Flashback: Help Island

I’m not sure what percentage of residents experienced or even remember help island. While I’m not sure when help island stopped being the welcome center to new residents, it was the place that I began my sl journey. The island was filled with helpful volunteers appointed by Lindens. I imagine, for many new residents, now the main grid must feel like an empty wasteland where finding help is impossible.

When I began there was help everywhere. Help island even had areas specifically designated to teach you how to do different things in second life such as scripting and building. Not only that, the helpers would actually add you as a friend and be available whenever you needed them, even after you left the island.

Enter Callista.


I loved help island so much I stayed there for a week before I ventured out into the unknown big world of second life. I was warned that once I left help island, I could never come back. That really scared me so I made sure to get a good grasp of all of the new concepts being presented to me. Well, all of them accept scripting. I tried to understand it, but I just couldn’t.

My mentor was absolutely amazing. He was a retired military man if I remember correctly. I loved that no question was silly and I couldn’t possibly ask the same question too many times. Clearly, the man had the patience of a zen master.

The concept of prims was an exciting idea but I wasn’t sure I would actually ever truly grasp them. (I’m not sure I have still) But I had fun playing with them and contorting them to their limits. Meeting other new residents was really fun. I remember meeting a female helper, I remembered thinking how beautiful she was. She was wearing pretty shoes and hair and I knew I wanted to look just like her.

I also knew it was time to leave the island, if for nothing else, to go shopping. It’s so cute how absolutely terrified I was about what might be awaiting me outside.

calli looking ahead

I had no idea that 7 years later I would still be in this world, or have any idea about all the people I would meet or the loves I would half love… okay and maybe fully love. Truly a time of innocence.



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