Second Life tv show in the making

So what am I up to right now? This very moment, well besides writing these posts? Well it’s something I’ve talked about forever, literally years. I told the Founder and CEO of Metaverse Broadcasting during it’s absolute infancy, that I would create an awesome show for him. Yes I said I would do it because it would make his network brilliant and television is what I’ve wanted to do in real life since I was 16 years old. I’ve done a few cute reports for him as a reporter like this one, Top Romantic places in Sl re: 2009 and even produced and co-hosted what was to be an amazing show Assignment Runway, however it was quickly canceled by the creator due to real life circumstances. I’ve even gone on to do a few of my own projects such as  How to Help the world from your computer. (Each one of these videos makes me understand what actors must feel like as adults watching the blunders of their previous selves. I find my voice annoying and way too perky. And I was always in such a hurry to get the work done that it wasn’t the best it could be.)

All that being said, one thing I haven’t done is created that show I’ve been desiring to create for years.  I’ve had sets created over the years, Robustus has invested thousands of linden into my projects, I’ve even decided on a few cute (questionable) names like Belle Shock, and Kimi Unplugged. All of those things lead to nothing in the way of producing the show I’ve had in my mind.

So, I’m finally doing it. I haven’t told Robustus about it and I’m not even sure I would give it to MBC after it’s finished. The reason I haven’t told him yet is because I feel too much pressure when it’s expected of me. But now I’m working on it full steam ahead simply because I want to do it and for no other reason.

It’s so exciting! Here’s a little secret, I actually intend to create my own broadcasting network in real life one day. So this is like faster and far less expensive and I get to do production! Today I will send out some notices and begin putting my team together. I’m giddy, like a school girl and I say “Yay” alot, to almost everything.

Here is the teaser I’ve just quickly put together. (And no I will not be doing the filming or editing of my show and you will quickly see why. Leave that to the experts, lol. )

Teaser here.

Outtakes here.

Whooo! I can do it. I can do it.

Btw, criteria for my co-host is having a hot accent. What? Second life taught me how auditorial I am. Know someone? Send me a message in world. Kimi Ayakashi

Wanna be on my team? Send me a message in world.


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