Flashback: My very own place

One of the first things I did when I left the island was to get a new look. I thought black wings, black halo, black thigh high socks and a black dress were the way forward for me. The other noobs actually loved it. I had an air of… danger… or was it… mystery.

my own place

After I chose my perfect outfit my amazing mentor invited me over to his house. I was so taken with the idea of having a house and being invited into a man’s house. While this was a virtual world, my mind was so confused. He was so kind and we sat talking about second life and his experiences in this virtual world. My nervousness however, never went away the entire time we sat in his home talking.

mentors house

Fascinated with the idea of having a home in a virtual world, I asked my mentor, how I could have my own place. He did a little bit of searching for me and showed me 1 property and I immediately fell in love with it. I was so frikken sold when I saw the beach. A beach at my fingertips, lol. Yes please.

own land

Ibiza was the sims name. Love, romance, and war seemed destined to happen on a sim with such a romantic name. This might sound strange now, but, when I bought my land, I could walk endlessly into the sea unobstructed. There was no invisible wall stopping me from going forward a few feet from the shoreline. Although I do remember when that update happened.

Ibiza was a truly beautiful residential sim divided into 4-ish parts. There were sims across from Ibiza that were beautiful. How I would love to have that land again. But every time I visit, it’s a mall. I guess I would have to buy the entire sim to have it. Someone buy Ibiza, turn back into a beautiful tropical residential sim and give me my plot back. =)

Take a ride to my first home here. I wonder what it has become since I’ve written this.

The purchase of the land at Ibiza was my initiation and a hitting of the start button to living as a proper second life resident.

Enter adventure.



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