Flashback: Relay For Life, Second Life 2007-2013

One of my greatest passions is being of service or helping anyone in almost anyway. Relay for life has been like a precious dear child to me. It’s so surprising how many residents don’t even know that relay for life happens in second life every year. I found out about it in 2007. I’ve been in love with the event ever since. Plus, where else could I girl wear her pajamas and roller skates and still look stylish?

kimi relay 2007 with counter

kimi relay 2008 with counter

kimi and dutch

There is just something so fun about spending the whole weekend with your closest friends racing to see who has more miles on their counter. I’ve made some of the most incredible memories I’ve ever had in second life during relay for life. It’s like a frenzied weekend you wish would last forever. I’ve only ever invited those closest to me to partake in the race “with” me. And I love how each year my lap distance decreased. Clearly proof that real life changed over the years.

Here is a copy of the 2007 Relay for life course Map

rlfl map

The concept of so many people donating sims and having them all pushed together like kids in bunk bed at summer camp just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Relay for life is about coming together with a group of people you don’t know to effect change in the lives of people you may never know. In second life it’s also about growing together with people you do know, somehow your bond is strengthened during the frenzied weekend of skating. Between meeting other friendly skaters and exploring the different exhibits, it’s so much fun experiencing it all together. I love it when it’s time to use the follow option and be pulled around for hours at a time. It’s like free time on the meter. And when it’s my turn to pull, I don’t even mind, because I’m so glad to have the company I’m with.

Honestly, I’ve spent most of my time not enjoying the exhibits or spending time with my friends, but actually painstakingly filming each and every one of the 30+ sims that exist with each event.

Random 2007 Relay Conversation in time

[16:21] Him: hey lady
[16:22] Him: I couldnt get on when you were on
[16:22] Kimi Ayakashi: hello back
[16:23] Him: what are you doing?
[16:23] Kimi Ayakashi: taking final shots, the sims are being taking down as we speak
[16:23] Him: nooooooo
[16:23] Him: the space place is?
[16:23] Kimi Ayakashi: gone already
[16:24] Kimi Ayakashi: but that was the mini version
[16:24] Kimi Ayakashi: the real version still exists
[16:24] Him: ok
[16:25] Him: hug me
[16:27] Him: ahhhhh
[16:27] Him: I get to feel Kimi again
[16:27] Kimi Ayakashi: eh
[16:27] Him: I was getting touch withdrawal
[16:27] Kimi Ayakashi: well
[16:27] Kimi Ayakashi: I didn’t miss u FYI
[16:27] Him: uh huh
[16:28] Him: and you didn’t get mad either, did you?
[16:28] Kimi Ayakashi: no I did yesterday
[16:28] Him: you really did
[16:28] Him: lol
[16:28] Kimi Ayakashi: u gave me a smile
[16:28] Kimi Ayakashi: keep it
[16:28] Him: I got on later and you weren’t on
[16:28] Him: what should I give you?
[16:29] Kimi Ayakashi: whatever u feel like
[16:29] Him: not a froen
[16:29] Him: frown
[16:29] Him: maybe a kiss
[16:29] Kimi Ayakashi: or maybe….
[16:29] Him: I feel like touching you
[16:29] Him: but that is normal
[16:30] Him: lol
[16:30] Kimi Ayakashi: “I miss you too, sorry I couldn’t get on” or “awwwww how cute!”
[16:30] Kimi Ayakashi: SOMETHING FOR FuCKS SAKE
[16:30] Him: but I know you trust me. 🙂
[16:30] Kimi Ayakashi: but I don’t care
[16:30] Kimi Ayakashi: do what u like
[16:30] Him: you are really mad!
[16:30] Him: aren’t you?
[16:31] Him: for some reason I cant get mad at you anymore
[16:31] Him: I like all you do
[16:31] Kimi Ayakashi: LOl
[16:31] Kimi Ayakashi: YES
[16:32] Him: you want to punish me?
[16:32] Kimi Ayakashi: I said something
[16:32] Him: or just kick me in the nads?
[16:32] Kimi Ayakashi: I didn’t want to say
[16:32] Kimi Ayakashi: something.. mushy
[16:32] Kimi Ayakashi: and ..
[16:32] Kimi Ayakashi: pfft
[16:32] Kimi Ayakashi: screw u
[16:32] Kimi Ayakashi: lol
[16:32] Him: 🙂
[16:32] Him: well, you shouldn’t have fallen in love with me. 😉
[16:33] Him: if you hate me so.
[16:33] Him: lol

That story will eventually come around during the flashback series of my blog posts. What’s important here is that I spent 3 Relay’s filming and putting it all together when I have no interest whatsoever in the technical aspects of machinima. That however is overridden my desire to save the work of all the people who come together each year for such a wonderful event.

For one reason or another, only one of my videos currently exists and it’s the 2008 version.

While I’ve never had the best graphics card to take on such projects, my heart pushed through the choppy filming and edited anyway. I hope you enjoy it.

As the years went on, real life made it difficult for me to even remember the event as I spent so much time away from second life. But this year I’m very excited to partake in the Relay for life 2013 and I have someone I can’t wait to ask to come. Wish me luck!

To register for this years event head to the website here. March 9th – 17th.


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