FlashForward: Nea – Hybrid Mesh Avatar

Nea bed

Oh how we have adapted to the realities of second life, with our walking into walls, or not noticing how funny it actually looks to be constantly in motion using our animation overrides. Most surprisingly, we have even forgotten the mechanics of a real face.

Meet Nea, the Hybrid Avatar from Snow Rabbit. With a mesh head she is beautifully animated. She smiles, blinks, and even cries. You can change her skin color, make up and even her eye color by HUD.

Nea Skin fair

Since Nea is half mesh and has a regular SL body, she can wear any clothes, even mesh clothing. Shirousagi Noel worked on Nea for over a year. See the culmination of Shirousagi’s work at Skin Fair 2013 starting March 15.

Read the manual here in Japanese and English.


Hair: Dela – Shell – Black

Skin: Snow Rabbit – Hybrid Avatar – Milky White – Nea

Mesh Head: Snow Rabbit – Hybrid Avatar – Nea

Eyes: .Insufferable Dastard. – Ultimate eyes – Hazel Deep

Leggings: FRI. – Basic leggings – black

Shoes:  .:SS:. Banded Ankle Boots

Ring: Bens Beauty – Athena Solitaire ring

Bow: .::Y&R::. – Big Bow Hairband

Bed:  LAQ Decor – Bed Set


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