Flashback: Relay For Life, Second Life 2007-2013

One of my greatest passions is being of service or helping anyone in almost anyway. Relay for life has been like a precious dear child to me. It’s so surprising how many residents don’t even know that relay for life happens in second life every year. I found out about it in 2007. I’ve been in love with the event ever since. Plus, where else could I girl wear her pajamas and roller skates and still look stylish?

kimi relay 2007 with counter

kimi relay 2008 with counter

kimi and dutch

There is just something so fun about spending the whole weekend with your closest friends racing to see who has more miles on their counter. I’ve made some of the most incredible memories I’ve ever had in second life during relay for life. It’s like a frenzied weekend you wish would last forever. I’ve only ever invited those closest to me to partake in the race “with” me. And I love how each year my lap distance decreased. Clearly proof that real life changed over the years.

Here is a copy of the 2007 Relay for life course Map

rlfl map

The concept of so many people donating sims and having them all pushed together like kids in bunk bed at summer camp just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Relay for life is about coming together with a group of people you don’t know to effect change in the lives of people you may never know. In second life it’s also about growing together with people you do know, somehow your bond is strengthened during the frenzied weekend of skating. Between meeting other friendly skaters and exploring the different exhibits, it’s so much fun experiencing it all together. I love it when it’s time to use the follow option and be pulled around for hours at a time. It’s like free time on the meter. And when it’s my turn to pull, I don’t even mind, because I’m so glad to have the company I’m with.

Honestly, I’ve spent most of my time not enjoying the exhibits or spending time with my friends, but actually painstakingly filming each and every one of the 30+ sims that exist with each event.

Random 2007 Relay Conversation in time

[16:21] Him: hey lady
[16:22] Him: I couldnt get on when you were on
[16:22] Kimi Ayakashi: hello back
[16:23] Him: what are you doing?
[16:23] Kimi Ayakashi: taking final shots, the sims are being taking down as we speak
[16:23] Him: nooooooo
[16:23] Him: the space place is?
[16:23] Kimi Ayakashi: gone already
[16:24] Kimi Ayakashi: but that was the mini version
[16:24] Kimi Ayakashi: the real version still exists
[16:24] Him: ok
[16:25] Him: hug me
[16:27] Him: ahhhhh
[16:27] Him: I get to feel Kimi again
[16:27] Kimi Ayakashi: eh
[16:27] Him: I was getting touch withdrawal
[16:27] Kimi Ayakashi: well
[16:27] Kimi Ayakashi: I didn’t miss u FYI
[16:27] Him: uh huh
[16:28] Him: and you didn’t get mad either, did you?
[16:28] Kimi Ayakashi: no I did yesterday
[16:28] Him: you really did
[16:28] Him: lol
[16:28] Kimi Ayakashi: u gave me a smile
[16:28] Kimi Ayakashi: keep it
[16:28] Him: I got on later and you weren’t on
[16:28] Him: what should I give you?
[16:29] Kimi Ayakashi: whatever u feel like
[16:29] Him: not a froen
[16:29] Him: frown
[16:29] Him: maybe a kiss
[16:29] Kimi Ayakashi: or maybe….
[16:29] Him: I feel like touching you
[16:29] Him: but that is normal
[16:30] Him: lol
[16:30] Kimi Ayakashi: “I miss you too, sorry I couldn’t get on” or “awwwww how cute!”
[16:30] Kimi Ayakashi: SOMETHING FOR FuCKS SAKE
[16:30] Him: but I know you trust me. 🙂
[16:30] Kimi Ayakashi: but I don’t care
[16:30] Kimi Ayakashi: do what u like
[16:30] Him: you are really mad!
[16:30] Him: aren’t you?
[16:31] Him: for some reason I cant get mad at you anymore
[16:31] Him: I like all you do
[16:31] Kimi Ayakashi: LOl
[16:31] Kimi Ayakashi: YES
[16:32] Him: you want to punish me?
[16:32] Kimi Ayakashi: I said something
[16:32] Him: or just kick me in the nads?
[16:32] Kimi Ayakashi: I didn’t want to say
[16:32] Kimi Ayakashi: something.. mushy
[16:32] Kimi Ayakashi: and ..
[16:32] Kimi Ayakashi: pfft
[16:32] Kimi Ayakashi: screw u
[16:32] Kimi Ayakashi: lol
[16:32] Him: 🙂
[16:32] Him: well, you shouldn’t have fallen in love with me. 😉
[16:33] Him: if you hate me so.
[16:33] Him: lol

That story will eventually come around during the flashback series of my blog posts. What’s important here is that I spent 3 Relay’s filming and putting it all together when I have no interest whatsoever in the technical aspects of machinima. That however is overridden my desire to save the work of all the people who come together each year for such a wonderful event.

For one reason or another, only one of my videos currently exists and it’s the 2008 version.

While I’ve never had the best graphics card to take on such projects, my heart pushed through the choppy filming and edited anyway. I hope you enjoy it.

As the years went on, real life made it difficult for me to even remember the event as I spent so much time away from second life. But this year I’m very excited to partake in the Relay for life 2013 and I have someone I can’t wait to ask to come. Wish me luck!

To register for this years event head to the website here. March 9th – 17th.


Scammed or Not?

So this post was going to start out exciting. It really was. This picture was going to be a preview.


It’s my set, looking awfully ready for some show time. I found a guy who says that he can offer me the quality I’ve been dreaming of for this show and better yet, he’s within my price range and he didn’t want to get paid until after each show is created and I’m happy with it.

But when he teleported in we discussed ideas and details and he asked for the money for all  episodes up front. I explained I wasn’t comfortable with this, it was SL after all.  He then asked for half upfront. Again, I explained I wasn’t comfy. This is all while he has no samples of his work, which is fine as long I get to approve of his work. But when he started asking for money and it felt weird. I declined and said I was fine to pre-pay for the first episode. He reverted back to paying for 3 up front. So I kindly explained that I wasn’t interested in working with him. Then he said he will make his videos first and then get paid.

Either way, he talked me back into working with him and paying him after each episode. But once we get to the set, he then asks for money to buy some sort of prop. I gave him half the first episodes pay, which I was fine to do. 1 hour later he’s asking for more Linden. At this point, I decide that if we’re going to work together, he needs to understand why I’m not going to pay him more than he agreed before he teleported to see me. I explained that I have a very specific amount of money (which I explained in my first sentences) and that I literally don’t have more to put towards it, so I wanted to work with someone who was within my budget.) which is also translated as paycheck to paycheck. I explained that this project means a lot to me and I want to find a way to monetize it, one of a few streams of income I’m trying to create. Not only to improve the quality of my life, but the life of my children. He said he understood, but then 30 minutes later he asked for more money. I then understood what I’d just done. I’ve given away money that I’ll never get back and that I also won’t be working with this guy.

After talking it over with a friend, she confirmed I should let him go. So I gently let him know that I was declining working with him. I didn’t even dare ask for my money back. He however wouldn’t end it there. He kept messaging me with new deals on how much money he would ask me for. Then as one point he says he wants to do the work for me because I’m poor by RL standards.

[12:39] Him: if u re-concider, Im just a IM away.

[12:42] Him: 😦 was looking forward to this Tbh.
[12:42] Him: jeeze Fine, Lets just use the Xore
[12:43] Him: Its gona kill rendering this. But F*** it.
[12:43] Him: Your poor [No offence]. I am still happy to continue, Im sure I can tweek the sony
[12:43] Him: [Free of charge]
[12:44] Him: So lets get this show on. !. Btw can I do a test shoot with u ?
[12:44] Him: Need a feel of the joysticks
[12:45] Him: ?
[12:45] Him: Can we doo some test shoots, so i can tweek the sony.

Yep, I’m poor. I can’t believe how much that upset me, he actually made me cry. Then he kept messaging me in IM which I ignored since he wasn’t accepting my answer of no thanks. Then he teleported back into my studio (uninvited) to talk some more. I was upset and creeped out. He eventually left, only to later send me off topic IM’s such as what did I think of a picture he made for someone.

Looking back at the conversation, it was very apparent something was going on with this guy. But I was so excited about finally finding someone. Maybe my budget makes it impossible to have the quality I want. I lost some of the budget and I feel like crap. I won’t even bore you with all the details, but I can’t believe I was talked out of money anyway. Was I scammed? Let’s see how I handle this first kink to my new magical sl. Disappointing.


Second Life tv show in the making

So what am I up to right now? This very moment, well besides writing these posts? Well it’s something I’ve talked about forever, literally years. I told the Founder and CEO of Metaverse Broadcasting during it’s absolute infancy, that I would create an awesome show for him. Yes I said I would do it because it would make his network brilliant and television is what I’ve wanted to do in real life since I was 16 years old. I’ve done a few cute reports for him as a reporter like this one, Top Romantic places in Sl re: 2009 and even produced and co-hosted what was to be an amazing show Assignment Runway, however it was quickly canceled by the creator due to real life circumstances. I’ve even gone on to do a few of my own projects such as  How to Help the world from your computer. (Each one of these videos makes me understand what actors must feel like as adults watching the blunders of their previous selves. I find my voice annoying and way too perky. And I was always in such a hurry to get the work done that it wasn’t the best it could be.)

All that being said, one thing I haven’t done is created that show I’ve been desiring to create for years.  I’ve had sets created over the years, Robustus has invested thousands of linden into my projects, I’ve even decided on a few cute (questionable) names like Belle Shock, and Kimi Unplugged. All of those things lead to nothing in the way of producing the show I’ve had in my mind.

So, I’m finally doing it. I haven’t told Robustus about it and I’m not even sure I would give it to MBC after it’s finished. The reason I haven’t told him yet is because I feel too much pressure when it’s expected of me. But now I’m working on it full steam ahead simply because I want to do it and for no other reason.

It’s so exciting! Here’s a little secret, I actually intend to create my own broadcasting network in real life one day. So this is like faster and far less expensive and I get to do production! Today I will send out some notices and begin putting my team together. I’m giddy, like a school girl and I say “Yay” alot, to almost everything.

Here is the teaser I’ve just quickly put together. (And no I will not be doing the filming or editing of my show and you will quickly see why. Leave that to the experts, lol. )

Teaser here.

Outtakes here.

Whooo! I can do it. I can do it.

Btw, criteria for my co-host is having a hot accent. What? Second life taught me how auditorial I am. Know someone? Send me a message in world. Kimi Ayakashi

Wanna be on my team? Send me a message in world.