Maybe it’s the nerd I am or my science fiction leanings but I have fallen in love… with a place. It’s the first time it’s happened since Inspire Space park June 25, 2009 at 9:47pm-ish. It’s called Magic.


The sim is a beautiful alternate reality. The sky doesn’t seem to have that busy body ozone that earth in our reality has, it’s raw, exposed, leaving you to see the entire cosmos with a naked eye. The entire galaxy + a romantic beach equals heaven inside my heart. Maybe it’s just me (probably is), but being on a beach on an alien planet (all while not dying) is frikken hot! I took the guy I’m seeing there once and I think the place was a flop, or maybe it was a flop because we couldn’t align my hugging hud. Either way, that’s sad because I think about that place a lot.

magic 2

The world of Magic has it’s own flora and eco system.

creature 1

This is just one of the little lifeforms I discovered while exploring.


HINT: There is a secret space underneath the big beautiful color changing flower. I could make a list of all the romantic things I could do in that secret space. But I won’t.

I also won’t tell you anymore about it, hopefully my pictures have peaked your interest. Set your sun’s position to Midnight and go there now. Ride to Three Moons Village

Thanks G.I.T.S guy for taking me there. *wink*

(If you know what G.I.T.S is you are so awesome in my eyes, instantly.)


Scammed or Not?

So this post was going to start out exciting. It really was. This picture was going to be a preview.


It’s my set, looking awfully ready for some show time. I found a guy who says that he can offer me the quality I’ve been dreaming of for this show and better yet, he’s within my price range and he didn’t want to get paid until after each show is created and I’m happy with it.

But when he teleported in we discussed ideas and details and he asked for the money for all  episodes up front. I explained I wasn’t comfortable with this, it was SL after all.  He then asked for half upfront. Again, I explained I wasn’t comfy. This is all while he has no samples of his work, which is fine as long I get to approve of his work. But when he started asking for money and it felt weird. I declined and said I was fine to pre-pay for the first episode. He reverted back to paying for 3 up front. So I kindly explained that I wasn’t interested in working with him. Then he said he will make his videos first and then get paid.

Either way, he talked me back into working with him and paying him after each episode. But once we get to the set, he then asks for money to buy some sort of prop. I gave him half the first episodes pay, which I was fine to do. 1 hour later he’s asking for more Linden. At this point, I decide that if we’re going to work together, he needs to understand why I’m not going to pay him more than he agreed before he teleported to see me. I explained that I have a very specific amount of money (which I explained in my first sentences) and that I literally don’t have more to put towards it, so I wanted to work with someone who was within my budget.) which is also translated as paycheck to paycheck. I explained that this project means a lot to me and I want to find a way to monetize it, one of a few streams of income I’m trying to create. Not only to improve the quality of my life, but the life of my children. He said he understood, but then 30 minutes later he asked for more money. I then understood what I’d just done. I’ve given away money that I’ll never get back and that I also won’t be working with this guy.

After talking it over with a friend, she confirmed I should let him go. So I gently let him know that I was declining working with him. I didn’t even dare ask for my money back. He however wouldn’t end it there. He kept messaging me with new deals on how much money he would ask me for. Then as one point he says he wants to do the work for me because I’m poor by RL standards.

[12:39] Him: if u re-concider, Im just a IM away.

[12:42] Him: 😦 was looking forward to this Tbh.
[12:42] Him: jeeze Fine, Lets just use the Xore
[12:43] Him: Its gona kill rendering this. But F*** it.
[12:43] Him: Your poor [No offence]. I am still happy to continue, Im sure I can tweek the sony
[12:43] Him: [Free of charge]
[12:44] Him: So lets get this show on. !. Btw can I do a test shoot with u ?
[12:44] Him: Need a feel of the joysticks
[12:45] Him: ?
[12:45] Him: Can we doo some test shoots, so i can tweek the sony.

Yep, I’m poor. I can’t believe how much that upset me, he actually made me cry. Then he kept messaging me in IM which I ignored since he wasn’t accepting my answer of no thanks. Then he teleported back into my studio (uninvited) to talk some more. I was upset and creeped out. He eventually left, only to later send me off topic IM’s such as what did I think of a picture he made for someone.

Looking back at the conversation, it was very apparent something was going on with this guy. But I was so excited about finally finding someone. Maybe my budget makes it impossible to have the quality I want. I lost some of the budget and I feel like crap. I won’t even bore you with all the details, but I can’t believe I was talked out of money anyway. Was I scammed? Let’s see how I handle this first kink to my new magical sl. Disappointing.